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The purpose of this 3 day fund raiser, is to raise much needed funds for the Capuchin Day Care Centre; due to Covid-19 they have had to close the drop in centre; which many homeless people depended on for food and other services. They continue to serve the need people of Dublin on a daily basis.  Their motto “No one goes hungry” , as they say without your help ,we could not continue. I have been a supporter of the Capuchin day care centre for many years and will continue to do so for many more.

Iv’e been working in IT for over 40 years my experience ranges from Teaching, Programming, Data Recovery, Design, Web Development, Repairs, Online Marketing, I build and maintain websites using Joomla, WordPress, some PHP, ASP , Cobol and dabbled in a few other things… So I have boxed off 3 days from  Monday 4th May 2020(just in case) to Wednesday 6th May, I will work for Donations to the Capuchin Day Care Centre; every cent raised will be passed onto this very worthy cause.

I am a long-time supporter of the Capuchins and their normal channels of donations are severely limited due to the epidemic. Even though the restaurant and other services have been closed due to covid-19, like many good restaurants they have diversified to takeaways, they currently feed over 800 people each day with takeaway breakfasts and lunches. The usual Grocery Parcels for Collection on Wednesday, they also supply baby food and nappies for families on mondays and free medical clinics are still operating.

So if you have a job need doing, maybe your website needs a bit of tidying or you need some changes, or you may be looking to set one up, I can remote access your existing win7 pc and upgrade it to win10.
I can sort out email problems, security issues or just simply give it a service. In 99% of case I can remote access your PC and solve localised problems.

If you’re not in need of any of the above services and just want to make a donation, I can make sure it gets too them.



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